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 Sushin syam directed the Bgms and did his job perfectly

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 Everything about Bheeshma Parvam
is large: the grand-sounding title rooted in mythology that translates
to “The Book of Bheeshma”, the time span it covers with its opening
voiceover detailing the long history of the wealthy Anjoottikkaran
family at the centre of this story, the cast, the number of characters
and the gigantic physique that Mammootty – an imposing figure in real
life anyway – is endowed with courtesy Anend C. Chandran’s camerawork.

The simmering discontent within his home, and a man waiting to take
revenge for Michael’s actions in the past come together to haunt him;
but knowing the pattern of such films, we certainly know how it will
turn out. Until the last half an hour, Amal builds the film and
Michael’s character patiently in an unhurried pace that the audience
can’t be blamed for expecting it all to burst out like a dam towards the
end. But this build-up kind of fizzles out towards the end, in what
turns out to be a rather tame and hurried climax.

1980s nostalgia on screen has ceased to surprise us, but the production
design here is worth lauding and justifies the setting during that
period. Sushin Shyam’s background score adds quite a lot to the impact
in some key sequences. In Bheeshma Parvam, Amal Neerad makes up for the lack of novelty in the story with style and some solid characters.

Bheeshma Parvam is currently running in theatres


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